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Things you wished you knew before going into the music industry

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

It's commonly said that music is now more accessible to everyone as a result of the internet, and that getting your music heard is now easier than ever. I feel this is only part-true. Sure, in theory one can get music heard in theory by an incredible number of fans through the accessibility of social media and email lists etc

However, this is a bit similar to have the artist or band's name listed in a huge telephone directory (remember them....?) and worse still, due to the Google rating system and SEO algorithms, located right at the most inaccessible part of the directory. So of course, the artist or band themselves have to go about the task of promoting their site and announcing their status.

This is a task which most artists are unsuited for, or not confident at doing at any rate, and something which they would much rather delegate to someone else. But unless you're already famous or showing promise of becoming better-known, you're unlikely to get that help. And so it goes on...

So you spend frustrating hours doing this when you should be doing music. Hey ho

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