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Behind the recording studio walls

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

My name is Matthew Hall and i formed The Meteor Shower in about 2000, although I had been writing songs for decades before this - in fact as long ago as when I got my first guitar in the 1970's... Over the years, the sound has changed - partly in response to the times, and partly in response to my improved songwriting and production techniques. Recording started out on a four-track Fostex portastudio, then moved on to a hired desk and 8 track reel-to-reel, then on to digital recording via ADAT (great machines although the tapes would get chewed up from time to time), then to a Fostex 24-track digital recorder, and finally to the present direct to disk system using Apple & Logic systems.

You can obviously do everything better and more efficiently than ever before, but I personally feel this has not always yielded better results in the round. We have lost a lot of dynamics (literally, as it happens) and music can become homogenised if not very careful. By all means use Tibetan Choirs if you wish but try not to use them in the way everybody else uses Tibetan Choirs. And make stuff as loud as possible without sucking all life out of it by over compressing or over-mastering.

I am not saying BTW that I am not guilty of these things because I doubtless often am guilty - but it is a danger to be aware of nonetheless. We must also continue to look out for good melody. The 60's was full of melody and harmony and none the worse for that. Let this be the norm, not just the exception. We also want edge to our music, rhythm, lyrics and a host of other things. The music lovers in all of us deserve no less !

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