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The Meteor Shower

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The Meteor Shower began with the songwriting of Matthew Hall, guitarist, singer and producer. Matthew was later backed up by the playing and songwriting skills of Paul Greening (Bass / Vocals) and Roger Sampson (Keyboards)

The band’s sound could loosely be described as Indie although it is also true to say that it is has a distinctive & idiosyncratic sound quite apart from many contemporary Indie Rock bands. The songwriting makes much use of instrumentation and vocal harmonies & melodies / counter-melodies that are deliberately created to produce a full sound. This is on top of a conventional but all-important rhythm section of drums, guitars and bass, with keyboards and, on some songs, horns to complete the mix 


The Meteor Shower collectively have a considerable repertoire of songs and are prolific songwriters, as a result of which there is a constant output of new songs appearing  It is therefore anticipated there will also be an album of entirely new material in the near future. 

The band's three albums are all incorporated on this site with some free downloads from each and also free downloads of newer material planned for the next album. The site also includes a previous album jointly written by Matt Hall and Vince O'Donnell on a separate earlier album called Boys in the Corner

There are also a few tracks best described as orchestral film music which are written by Matt Hall and are included. This is aimed at extending the reach and repertoire of The Meteor Shower

The Meteor Shower have a blog available on this site which it is hoped will grow organically, and develop into a series of discussions containing all aspects of music, production and songwriting as well as feedback and commentary to do with the band itself

Please feel free to comment via the blog or to contact us via the details provided below

Current Album Listing

Fight or Flight


This is the fifth album by The Meteor Shower which continues with the tradition of short but catchy alternative rock / pop songs. The lyrics here have often take on an English landscape-based theme. The music continues to blend live instruments and synths / samples and concentrates as ever on melody and the overall sound togetherness, if need be at the expense of other production concerns