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The Meteor Shower

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The Meteor Shower combines the songwriting, producing, playing and singing of Matthew Hall.

The sound can very loosely be described as Indie Pop although it is also true to say that it is has an idiosyncratic sound quite apart from many contemporary Indie Rock bands. The songwriting makes much use of instrumentation and vocal harmonies & melodies / counter-melodies that are deliberately created to produce a full sound. This is on top of a conventional but all-important rhythm section of drums, guitars and bass, with keyboards and, on some songs, horns to complete the mix 


There is a considerable and ever-growing repertoire of songs, as a result of which there is a constant output of new material appearing  It is therefore anticipated there will also be an album of entirely new music on a regular basis. 

The eight albums are all incorporated on this site . The site includes a previous album jointly written by Matt Hall and Vince O'Donnell on a separate album called Blue Suits. I have listed this as a Meteor Shower album - but strictly speaking it is written under the joint name of Boys in the Corner (featuring Matt and Vince)

There are also a few tracks best described as orchestral film music which are written by Matt Hall and are included on several of the more recent albums. This is aimed at extending the reach and repertoire of The Meteor Shower

The re is a blog available on this site which it is hoped will grow organically, and just maybe develop into a series of discussions containing all aspects of music, production and songwriting as well as feedback and commentary to do with the band itself

Please feel free to comment via the blog or to contact us via the details provided below

Computer Repair Man

I'm Computer Repair Man

Functional not graceful

Reliable not dangerous

No inner chemistry

Computer Repair Man

Useful not useable

A stout shoe not a nightgown

I'll never learn

Computer Repair Man

Our go-to repair man

No 'let's go upstairs' man

We'll call you back when

Computer Repair Man

The crowd in the company

The foot in the doorway

The unwelcome matt

Computer Repair Man

Our useful tech gadget

Our fad mad tech widget

Our cardboard made cut-out

Computer Repair Man

A fool-to-himself man

An 'I'll be a friend' man

We'll ring you sometime

Computer Repair Man

No passion, no purpose

He's after your software

Not there for your heart-ware

I'm Computer Repair Man

Animal Magic ?

X_Factor actor ?


Computer Repair Man

Football shaped face man

Darts belly ache man

You're kidding me

Computer Repair Man

I've got a friend

Who I'm sure would like you

Just saying

Computer Repair Man

Can't handle feelings

Subliminal messages

Leave me alone

Computer Repair Man

Works peripatetically

Somewhat pathetically

Oh well

Computer Repair Man

Oh bollocks

Etc etc

Current Album Listing

It's the Hope that Kills You


This is the eighth album by The Meteor Shower - at any rate a mini-album... As ever, the music is intended to continue to blend live instruments and synths / samples but concentrates  on melody, harmony and rhythm with lyrics that are, I hope, sympathetic to the music and theme. There is great emphasis on choral and vocal arrangements on these six songs - with the obvious exception of the track 'Rhinefield (Currents)' which is a new musical direction entirely

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Thoughts About Leaf Mould

(From the album 'Unromance')

This video was filmed and produced by Roger Sampson and debuted at the Crystal Palace Film Festival in London SE19 on 27 September 2011

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The Meteor Shower

As a group we have fairly broad-ranging musical likes and dislikes with musical influences spanning several decades. This wide-ranging influence is hopefully captured in the music. It is important to us that  the sound is not seen as dated - but equally important that influences from earlier musical genres are not avoided for the sake of it. Modern production can often be combined with tried and tested musical techniques (see the 'Loudness Wars') to give a sound that is imposing and vibrant. This is our goal.


The Meteor Shower place strong emphasis on melody and lyrics. The music itself often incorporates multi-layered harmony vocals as well as drums, guitars, bass and keyboards with a fair bit of brass blended in as well. An energetic and live rhythm feel is important to our overall sound, and any live gigs in the future will certainly incorporate live drums.

We all hail from south London, and our interests are music (of course....), football (different teams), and pointless pub arguments. And other things besides.



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Meteor Shower SLW Studios

The Meteor Shower - SLW Studios - Crystal Palace, London SE

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